Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Excitement and Irony

I know that we must be the last people on the planet to finally get one but, Em's Wii came today in the mail!!! She ordered it off W.al.ma.rt.com, after spending months of searching for one at Tar.gets, Wal.ma.rts, and Ga.me.St.ops. Ordering it online was really expensive though, because in order to get the Wii, you have to buy a certain amount of games (which are $50 each!! WTF?!) Anyways, Em is extremely happy, and today was spent setting it up and admiring how pretty it looks in our tv stand.

Ironic Twist of Fate: After pulling everything out of it's neatly taped packaging, we realized that we needed one other part to one of the Wii controllers. So, we decided to make a quick run to Tar.get to pick it up. As we were walking inside, Em said, "Watch, Tar.get will have Wii's today, after 8 months of the display case being empty every single time". We got back to the electronics department, and what is beautifully displayed behind glass in the Game console section? Six Wii's! SIX!! I mean, we were making trips to Target three times a week for 5 months trying to find one of those damn things, and on the DAY that one arrives at our house, we stop by Target and they have 6. How freakin' great is that.

I'm finished with this semester in one week from today. My first final is this Thursday, and my second and last is next Tuesday. Somewhere in between I need to write a paper and turn it in, but it's an easy paper, and I have a 99% in the class, so I think I'm okay to slack off a little with it. Next Thursday I'm flying home for about a week to get my license renewed and to go to my grandmother's surprise 80th birthday party. I'm excited to spend some time in the 302, and to hang out with Kels. I think one of those days we're going to head to South Street in Philly, because I haven't been in ages, and I used to go so much!!

I think it's sad that at my ripe age of 21, I am still dealing with people who are so immature, it makes me sick. When do people finally grow up? Never? I will never know why some people insist on acting like they're in middle school for the rest of their lives, and treat others accordingly. It's really disruptive and frustrating to deal with!

Alright, I'm done with my little rant.


Dan said...

that's so funny. but at least you have some games for it! all we have is like stupid army flying games my brother has...but there are a few i want to get. we should figure out how to play each other online!

Lindsey said...

glad em finally got one - i'm gonna blog about our wii later.
i'm soooo excited about mario kart! also megan's hooked on cooking with mama which is only like $19.95 i believe. and i <3 playground (or something like that)...you can play dodgeball and fly paper airplanes and play tether ball!
have fun!