Monday, April 7, 2008

Sydney Hippie Dewclaws Smith

Today has been a trying day. I didn't get much sleep last night, and then had to go to a boring class and try to stay awake. After that I went to a meeting that was pretty emotional for me, and left feeling just really worn out in every way.

This morning Em drove me to class so that she could drop Sydney off at the vet afterwards. Syd has been having some stomach issues lately, actually for about two months, she's been throwing up randomly every few days. She seems really uncomfortable when she's not feeling well...she does this "army crawl" across the floor, where she drags her belly and is obviously uncomfortable and or in pain. So, Em dropped her off and picked me up from my meeting...on the way home we grabbed lunch, and right before Em left to go back to class at 2, she checked her phone and Banfield (our vet) had called her four times...

Sydney has one of two things wrong with her. She either has a tick bite and it's causing her some serious issues, which the vet doesn't think is the case. Or, she has cancer. Probably of the spleen. Our vet said that she has too much soft tissue in her abdomen, so much that she can't even feel her kidneys, which is unusual. Something is in there, be it a mass or a cyst or a tumor.

I'm trying my best to stay calm until she gets an ultrasound tomorrow. We have to drive her to High Point to get it done. I'm praying that it's just a tickbite or some weird fluke, but that's just highly unlikely. Her white blood cell counts are too low, which apparently signals that it may be cancer.

Please keep Sydney in your thoughts in the next few days.


Lindsey said...

aw, poor syd. and poor kristen :-( keeping my fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

<3 you both. good luck.

Kelsey said...

keep hoping for the best. either way sydney is a strong pup and has the best parents so i know she will be okay. call me tomorrow when you know more.

meghan said...

You guys are all in my thoughts. Stay strong. Love you!