Sunday, April 27, 2008

A few things

This picture was drawn in sidewalk chalk by the little boy I babysit for.   It's a self portrait.  He's 3, and I think that this is awesome for a 3 year old!  I helped him choose the right colors (He tried to tell me his hair was brown, and I reminded him that it's blonde...which is like yellow, so he took the yellow chalk).  V is getting soo big, it's hard for me to carry him up the stairs to bed now!  But I don't mind, because he rests his head on my shoulder and puts his arm around my neck, and it reminds me of how much I love children and how much I love when they love me back...

I neglected to mention last week that I did something that I am VERY proud of!!  Em had to go to class on Wednesday, and before she left she mentioned that she was sad that she wouldn't have time to mow the grass.  So, while she was at class I got out the lawn mower, and since I'd never done it before, it took me 20 minutes to start the darn thing.  Once I got it going, it was kind of scary, but not as bad as I thought it would be.  I mowed about 3/4 of the lawn, and then had to stop because it was SO HOT out, and the grass was so high that it kept clogging up the blade and I got frustrated.  I wanted to surprise Em, and she was SO SURPRISED when she got home!  She thought that I had asked the neighbor to do it!!  I am so proud of myself.  It always feels good to do something that you've been telling yourself for years that you cannot do because you're scared.

Tonight Em and I are sleeping in our new tent in the living room!!  :-)  Tomorrow we're going hiking at Hanging Rock, a really awesome state park.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but it's supposed to be 70 all day, so we're willing to get a little damp to get in a good day of hiking.  I think Syd really needs it, the poor thing has been kind of ignored the past few days.  We've been REALLY busy, plus I babysat for 6 hours yesterday and then all night tonight.  So it should be good for all of us... me for my nature, Em for her exercise (she's been trying really hard to exercise more, and I feel bad - she's so motivated and I've just been exhausted lately.), and Syd for her entertainment/animals to get excited about!

Well, we better start setting up the tent!!
G'night   =)


Lindsey said...

i'm super impressed that you mowed the lawn!! especially since you've got a big hill!
hope you had fun sleeping in the tent & have fun hiking!

Anonymous said...

i used to sleep in the tent in the backyard with the neighbors when i was little I LOVE IT, hope it was super fun! Also i used to mow the lawn and i was always impressed with myself cause it was something lil girls weren't supposed to really do. i'm impressed, miss you and can't wait to see u hopefully sometime soon!

elaina said...

have you really never mowed a lawn before last week? interesting. glad you guys are finally pitching that were so excited about it haha
p.s. i like the new layout.