Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But you just smile and take my hand...

This is one of my most favorite picture of Emily ever. I took it when we were in Miami last year.

I just wanted to dedicate an entire post just to the amazing person that I am so lucky to call my girlfriend.

So, here is my top ten list.

Top Ten Things I Love About Emily Henderson Galbraith

1. She sings to me when I can't sleep. Mostly, I ask for "Barges".

2. She always recycles and is very environmentally conscious. She was into this way before it was the "cool" thing to do, before it hit tshirts and bags and corporations used it to make an extra buck.

3. Em knows so much random information, and sometimes it's fun to listen to, but sometimes it actually comes in REALLY handy.

4. Her artwork is amazing, and she doesn't get enough credit for how beautiful her work is. But, I love her paintings, I love anything she spends that much time on and puts that much heart into.

5. Sometimes, if you just watch her face, she makes the best expressions when she doesn't realize you're paying attention. Like, right now, she's watching SVU and eating noodles, and she has the most intense look on her face!

6. When she gets silly, she gets SILLY... and when she's silly, she makes up songs about anything and everything :-)

7. Sometimes when we dance, she lets me stand on her feet so that she won't step on my toes.

8. Em is obsessed with chocolate milk. And as much as I complain about it, I really secretly love making it for her, especially when she doesn't even ask... because the look on her face when I hand it to her is priceless! Just like a little kid!!

9. She is the most loyal person that I have ever met. I just respect that.

10. She loves me more than anyone else has loved me before. I guess that's not really a reason to add her to MY list of why I love her... but the fact that she accepts me and my craziness, my sometimes hard to deal with past, my baggage, and my issues, I think that makes her pretty much my hero :-)

I love you, Em!!!

Feel free to add your own to my list!!


kelly. said...

um, so first-this is the cutest post ever. second-i think that picture is adorable.

third: i <3 her cause she calls me scrappy, she is one of the people who i know will be there for me unconditionally-when my life fell apart in september she helped me put the pieces back together, but mainly it is cause she gives the best hugs i've ever had in the world.

i love you both ridiculous amounts and i miss you so much!

Lindsey said...

you make me puke with cuteness...the one that made me go aw was the dancing one.
why do i love em? cause we've been bff since first grade! but honestly, one of the things i love most about em is that she throws herself 100% into whatever she's doing, whatever it may be. (even though during the summer that means i don't talk to her...) also i love that when she's excited to tell a story she doesn't use words - just gestures and sound effects.
and she introduced me to dd iced coffee - light & sweet.
i think em needs to do a "what i love about kristen" post now!

Emmers said...

have I told you how sweet you are? :-) love you

Maria said...

this is just about the cutest thing i've ever read. and, selfishly, i love em b/c she makes you so happy. i'm so happy for you, kristen. and,

i'm so lucky that i get to know em through you.

<3 to you both!