Sunday, April 6, 2008

Post # 158

While at No Name Pub in the Keys last month, we were surrounded by over 20,000 $1 bills covering the walls of the restaurant. Waiting for our food, Em and I barely spoke, we mostly just gazed at the bills, reading names and messages and phone numbers. This one caught my eye, and I noticed "PSU". Then, I realized that it said "FTK" ... which stands for "For The Kids"!! Which is the slogan for THON!! I was so excited- this dollar bill was posted up behind this group of people eating their dinner and I didn't even care, I went right over to snap a picture. (Sorry for the blurriness... I didn't stick around to check the picture after I took it!)
I've been trying to make it to Penn State to attend THON every year since Liam was diagnosed with cancer and I learned what it was. Each year, something works out to make it impossible for me to get there (or perhaps it has to do with the fact that I live 12 hours from Penn State...) Either way, I WILL MAKE IT TO THON one day... I have to.
Yesterday was supposed to be our Serendipity Game (prom dress rugby!) against Guilford College, but the torrential downpours all Friday night and Saturday morning forced Guilford to close their fields, so we will have to reschedule. I'm nervous that they're going to try to reschedule for next week...which is when we will be in AZ! And this could potentially be my very last Serendipity Game, as next spring I will (hopefully!) be in South Africa.

Someone from our team found this picture from last year by Googling "UNCG Women's Rugby" ( I think? ) I think it's can tell I'm about to go down, look at the arms wrapped completely around my waste!

Alright, time to get some work done.

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