Thursday, March 13, 2008

A quick post from Paradise.

I tried really hard to upload this great picture that I took yesterday, and it all worked fine until I realized that this computer that I'm updating from is a piece of crap! Actually, it's not so bad, it's just that the connection stinks.

Anyways, we are having a blast! Our days are packed with interesting and beautiful sights, people, sunsets, and cuisine. The Keys are truly something that every person should experience. And definitely not just the touristy part. For example, tonight, for dinner, Em and I found this little pub out in the middle of Big Pine Key, which is like 1 mile x 1 mile, called No Name Pub. It had great pizza & nachos, and the walls were COVERED with one dollar bills signed by patrons. They cover the ceiling as well, they're layered and hang down all over the place. It's really neat - the owner estimates that about $20,000 covers the walls. I even found a special dollar, but I'll save that for later when I can post a picture of it.

Hope everyone is well & safe. Tomorrow morning we leave the Chesapeake Resort is Islamorada Key and head to Key Largo for two nights! We get back Sunday afternoon.

Much love. Oh, I miss Sydney :)

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Lindsey said...

i'm sooooo sooo jealous! can't wait to see pictures!