Sunday, March 9, 2008

Biltmore & Canceled Flights

This weekend was fun - I realized that the link from before didn't work, however, if you're really that interested in the Biltmore, then just google it.  It was extremely interesting, and I have some pictures to post eventually.  The Biltmore is the largest privately owned home in the United States.  It was built by George Vanderbilt, who is also the namesake of Vanderbilt University.  The entire house is restored with the original furniture and amenities.  I loved it.  It has 250 rooms and almost 30 bedrooms (I think).  I suggest it to anyone visiting the western NC area.  We stayed at the Biltmore Inn, which is also on the estate, just a few miles from the house.  That was beautiful as well.

It's been a crazy evening - Em's mom's flight at 7 was canceled, so she is now staying another night in Greensboro and we were able to book her another flight at the Raleigh/Durham airport, around the same time as our flight.  So that works out well.  We are leaving our house tomorrow at 5:15 am.  Whew!  

I better go pack.  I'll update when we get back!  


koster said...

isn't the biltmore AMAZING?

i lived/worked in asheville this summer and absolutely loved the city. i went to the biltmore with a group of students and was in heaven the entire time, they must have thought i was crazy.

Anonymous said...

this is random, but i really miss you. it just hits me sometimes..and much i miss you.

this is one of those times. hope all is well and you have the most relaxing spring break/vacation EVER.

love you so much.