Monday, March 31, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

When my mom visited we made her try Guitar Hero. She actually got to be pretty good by the end of the weekend! I liked this picture because she was laughing so hard... I love when my mom laughs hysterically. It's the best.

Our friend Jackie recently got Rock Band for her birthday...which, for those of you who don't know, is kind of like Guitar Hero, only it has the drums, a microphone, and another guitar. So, you can have the guitar, the bass, a singer, and a drummer. It's pretty awesome, especially when you have four people to play all of the instruments. The drums are my favorite. (you can see them in the picture...all the way on the left, in front of the fireplace.)

Em and I just returned from the Emergency Room. I have to have set a record by now for the person with the most odd issues that result in an ER visit. I have been having this odd medical malady lately that has been ongoing for about 3 weeks...and it is driving me up the wall. I'm to the point where I am covered head to toe in a horrible rash. I have been on steroids and antihistamines, which help but tonight I just about lost it when I realized that I have so many hives on my back and belly (and in my BELLY BUTTON! owie!) that it looked like one huge hive. The doc at the ER told me that I have eczema, which I don't know if I buy his theory just yet. However, he did prescribe me more steroids and an anti-itch pill...which is better because up until now, the only thing I've been prescribed for the itch is a topical cream, which hasn't really helped with the itching. Sorry if all of that was a little TMI, but I'm trying to chronicle my life here, odd rashes and all ;-)

Aside from the rash, it's been a good weekend. Sean Dolgin (my good friend Rachel's little brother) was visiting UNCG .. he's a senior in high school and deciding between UNCG and Michigan State. We tried to show him how cool Greensboro can be!! It was good because there was a lot going on this weekend. A friend of our from rugby had a little get together Friday night, and afterwards we took Sean to the Q for some pool. Saturday he went to an all day thing for admitted students, and afterwards we went to the Tate St. Festival, which happened to be this weekend - perfect. It was awesome! Saturday night we were going to go camping, but it was 40 degrees and freezing out, so we had a cookout instead, S'mores and all. Today we shopped for dresses for Serendipity, and then dropped him off at the airport. I hope he had a great time :)

About two weeks ago another good friend visited! One of the best friends that I made this summer - Beaker (Meg) visited for a few days to hang out during her Spring Break. Em and I felt bad because we had classes that week, and there wasn't really much of anything going on on the Tues/Weds that we had to play. Still, it was good to see her and we welcome visits from ANYONE at ANYTIME! (hint, hint!)

Well, it's time to take my sorry itchy self to bed. Hope all is well.


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Lindsey said...

your mom's so cute! when we introduced wii golf to my mom she decided then and there that she needed a wii of her own.
feel better!