Monday, March 24, 2008

I am just a new soul, in this very strange world

Our first picture of the trip!  In the rental car, ready to drive from Ft. Lauderdale to Islamorada Key!  (That's pronounced "Eye - La - More - Ah - Da" ... I was pronouncing it like some strange religion until I heard it on the radio down there.  Then I felt dumb, because I'm usually great about phonetics and pronunciations.)
We caught this beautiful sunset one night when we went out to eat at this great little restaurant.  We were seated right on the beach, and this cute little table for two, right at the water's edge.  We were seated at about 7:15 - so we watched this stunning sunset (really, none of my pictures do it justice) while eating a delicious meal.  It was perfect.

Our rental car.  It was a Dodge Caliber...while it may be ugly (and was a hideous rust orange color), it served its purpose well and got great gas mileage.  We returned it in great shape, just a few pounds heavier from all of the sand in the trunk!

A beach we stopped at called Sombrero Beach in Marathon Key.  The sun went behind the clouds when I snapped this shot, but it was a great day - and Em and I both got really sunburned while laying out!  

A little beach behind a restaurant we went to.  I just liked the palm trees - they were huge!

Another great sunset that we caught.  This was also at a restaurant... we stalled as long as possible while eating so that we could watch the sun set.  It wasn't as vibrant as the other sunsets we saw, but this one was Em's favorite.  I think because of the reflection, which did make it pretty stunning.
We left that restaurant to drive back to the hotel and realized that it looked even prettier, so we pulled off and climbed down to the "beach" to take this picture with the timer on Em's digital camera.  It was... interesting.  Haha!

Pretty.  However, have you ever seen phone lines in the water like that?  All of the keys are connected by those, even at the longest gap (7 miles), which is also where the 7 Mile Bridge (duh) is located.  At one time, there was a train track that went all the way to Key West, but a hurricane in the 30s wiped out most of the track - which looked like a big bridge next to the highway.  

That's all for now... I'll post the rest of the pictures as soon as I get another minute to myself!


Lindsey said...

wow those sunsets are amazing! can't wait to see the rest

Kelsey said...

i bet mom loved those pictures of the sunsets. it looks beautiful down there! i wonder if blogger has a limit on photos you can upload in a post.. maybe later today ill put some more up of my trip like you requested :)