Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I miss my big girl so much!!  I think about Sydney every single day, and can't wait to see her on Thursday and take her to the bark park, play in the yard, and snuggle with her in bed (shh!  don't tell Em!!)

I've actually gotten a good amount of packing done... but I ran out of boxes! My mom should bring home plenty more from work today.

I'm eating a toaster strudel... Kels and I had used to have these for breakfast all the time in elementary and middle school.  My dad used to buy them because they were an easy meal while we were rushing around getting ready for school.  After my parents split, though, my mom didn't really buy them as much, so I kind of forgot about them.  And now I'm eating one and it's delicious, and way too sugary to actually be a healthy breakfast!

Sorry I don't have anything really interesting to update about.  Maybe I'll go over to the new house in a little bit and take some photos... I know Em is itching to see what the new place looks like.  :-)

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