Sunday, September 7, 2008

No other path, No other way...

No Day But Today.

So last week a friend of mine asked if I'd ever seen RENT before.  I hadn't ever seen it, but it's been one of my lifetime goals for at least six years.  Earlier in the year, when they announced that it was leaving Broadway, I did everything in my power to try to convince Em that we should drive to NY and see it, but we were never able to fit it into our schedule, plus the ticket prices skyrocketed.  Well, back in February my friend Courtney purchased two tickets to the 2nd to last day of the show, and she remembered that I had mentioned a few months ago that I'd never seen it.  So she invited me to go with her!!  The show was last night, and I didn't mention it on here until now because I didn't want to jinx anything!

IT WAS AMAZING!!  I am such a dork, and my eyes watered the whole time, because I mean, the story can be sad at times, but I was just so happy to be there, and I just couldn't believe that I was actually at the Nederlander Theatre seeing RENT!  It was such a fantastic show, and I was excited because the woman who played Joanne in the movie (Tracie Thoms) is playing her on Broadway now, and she was great!  I was able to (secretly!) record a video of Seasons of Love...there's no visual because I was trying to be extremely discreet, and I think the video is a shot of the ceiling in the dark (he he).  

This morning I left Rutgers (where Courtney goes to school, and where we took the train into the city from) and met up with Meg for lunch.  It was so great to spend a few hours with her, as I miss her so much!  After that, I stopped by the Galbraith House to say hello to Em's parents.  We sat outside on the deck and talked for about an hour and a's always good to catch up with them.  Then I drove home.

I had a great weekend!  Thank you so much Courtney!  I always knew I would love RENT!


koster said...

ahhhh! that is the way to see it, the day before it ends!

that is the first broadway show i also saw, my friends and i went into the city and saw it after prom instead of going to the shore like everyone else in jersey does!

i can't believe it is over :(

Lindsey said...

that's so fun! i wish i could have seen it before it ended!
thanks for the moving help offer - just might have to take you up on it! and same for you and your mom!

kelly. said...

i am glad you got to see it! it is such a great play!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you came!!! It was def. pretty awesome.