Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm a creeper, I admit it.

Okay, I know this sounds totally creepy, but this has been bothering me for months now.

Most of you probably aren't aware (unless you have one yourselves, or have heard me talk about it) of the capabilities of my stat counter on my blog.  This stat counter can do magical and amazing things!  Not only does it count how many hits my blog gets, it also tells me who is hitting it.  Well, it doesn't give me names, but it gives me the city/state of the person visiting my blog.  It also tells me if you found my blog through a search engine.  So, if you "One Safe Place", it tells me exactly what you typed into google to find my blog.

So, for example, if I see that I got a hit from someone in Cork, Ireland, then I know that it's Erin.  If I get a hit from someone in Philadelphia, PA then I know it's probably Lindsey.  If I get a hit from someone in Chestertown, MD then I know it's probably my cousin Meghan.

About a year ago, I started getting hits from someone in Virginia who was getting the link to my blog by searching for "Cop.per One Safe Place".  Obviously, this leads me to believe that it is someone from Camp Hoo.ver.  When I saw that, I was worried that anyone could search for Camp Hoo.ver and find my blog, so I went back and deleted every single "Cop.per" and "Camp Hoo.ver" out of all of my entries, so that no one could accidentally come across my blog (a camper, a parent, someone from council, etc.)  Now, I get hits from people in the same area searching "Kristen One Safe Place".

Please... I am dying to know who you are!!  I won't be mad if you're a camper!  I just want to know who you are, so that I know that I don't have some parent reading my blog or something.  Come out of the woodwork... Leave me a comment!  Or, if you don't feel comfortable leaving me a comment, my e-mail address is .  I already have an idea of probably who it might don't be embarrassed!!  

On that same note... I get about 100 hits on my blog every day from people who are regular readers.  I know that it's probably not the same people hitting "refresh" 20 times (haha).  Who are all of these people all across North Carolina who are reading?  I would love to know!!  I always it people on my rugby team?  Is it people from my classes?  Let me know, I would LOVE to know if you're reading!!  I totally understand how some people wouldn't comment, maybe because they found my blog randomly, or because I don't know that they read it, but honestly - I write on this blog knowing that it is completely open to the public, so I would never be mad or upset to know that ANYONE is reading it!


Lindsey said...

riverside, nj (i think that's how it comes up) is megan! i know this bc i have a stat counter on my blog and that's what she comes up as :-)
believe me, you're not the only one keeping track of who visits...every big website in the world does the same thing!
and yes, i do check to see if you updated that often!

koster said...

you can make it so search engines can't use your blog. it is under settings and so far (knock on wood) nothing of mine shows up.

the only thing that does when i google my name and title is comments i post on other peoples.

and stat counter is so great, i love seeing who is reading mine. but i will admit my google reader is FULL of random blogs i've found and i rarely ever comment on one!

Lindsey said...

haha i'm so much of a creeper checking your blog that i commented here before i saw your comment on my blog!
i don't think it's creepy that you want to know...i love seeing where my visits come from and also the random google searches that bring people to my blog.
i'm like the person above me too - i love reading other people's blogs in my greader, but i never comment!
(if you visit my blog from kristen's...and i know because i keep getting referrals from her blog...let me know! i'll comment on yours if you comment on mine!)

kelly. said...

ahh! i feel the same way.! it drives me crazy! i have someone in england who has been reading mine.! i just want to know who they are. cause they are like outside of england. gahhh.! i am so glad you feel the same way!! haha. i read yours usually everyday. or check it at least. haha. love you and miss you.!! x x

meghan said...

It's me in Virginia! I drive there everyday to check you out, then drive straight home! Because I knew it would freak you out!! Mystery solved!!!

Gooch said...

I read your blog! =)

Anonymous said...

i read your blog... muhahahahahah

Kate said...

I do, but you know me, so I'm not a creeper.

Marcy said...

hey Kristen! Believe it or not, I'm a regular reader. You're posts are always inspiring and they give me home. I enjoy reading them. I hope that doesn't creep you out!

Marcy again :) said...

p.s. mine should say either Reading, PA or Shillington, PA

Anonymous said...

i read from cp maryland, but we already talked about this.