Friday, September 19, 2008

Post Secret

Last night, I went to the PostSecret event at West Chester University.  Kelsey got me a ticket a few weeks ago, when she found out that Frank Warren was coming to talk.  It was an amazing event!!  We had so much fun- Kelsey's roommates, who I looove, came as well.  I loved hearing Frank talk about the website and everyone had some pretty good questions.  Frank shared his own secret, which I thought was horribly sad and humiliating.  I love that he sent it to himself.  I also really liked how "normal" he seems.  He's just a normal, everyday 40 (or so) year old who came up with a great idea and acted on it.  

I started reading Post Secret 3 and a half years ago, and the website was only a few months old when I started.  My cousin Meghan made me go to it, and I, of course, fell in love.  At the beginning of my freshman year, I sent in a secret, my very first one, and it was posted!  I haven't sent in a secret since then, because it was so special to me that mine was posted, that I don't want to be sad if my next one isn't.  I just thoroughly enjoy checking the website every Sunday morning.  It's become a part of my routine, and often, Em and I wake up on a Sunday morning (sometimes hung over, especially during rugby season) and we check it together, talking about the secrets that strike us as depressing or hilarious or similar to one of our own experiences.  This is my secret that was posted:

There is a story that goes along with it, of course.  However, I feel like I shouldn't explain it, JUST IN CASE the wrong person from UNCG (aka the police there) reads it, and I don't want to incriminate myself!!


Lindsey said...

i love postsecret...i've been reading it forever too. i'd wake up sunday morning in my old apt at dickinson and read it before heading to brunch.
awesome that you got a secret posted!

kelly. said...

i saw that one and i was like, i have always wanted to do that. i am jealous.! ahh i can not believe that one was yours.!!

i love you and hope everything is going well xx crumbsss

Anonymous said...

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