Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I've been feeling very drained lately.  Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.  I'm trying so hard right now, harder than I've ever tried before, to take care of myself in all of those aspects, and I truly believe that I am doing the best job that I can right now.  My mind is just constantly spinning...my thoughts are way ahead of my words most of the time.  I can't concentrate on anything at all, and I get very anxious over things that aren't worth getting that anxious over.  

This isn't a complaint, just a record of how I've been feeling lately.  

My mom's surgery is set for October 10th.  We liked the sound of that - 10/10.  We are moving out of the apartment on September 20th.  I'm already stressed thinking about how much work it's going to be packing things up and figuring it all out.  I'm really happy that my mom found a place that she wants to live that suits her so well.  I'm just kind of freaking out on the inside about so many different things.  

All I want is some stability and some normalcy.  Right now, nothing feels stable and nothing feels normal.

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koster said...

is there something you could do for fun - for you right now?

maybe even just going to the gym or running or something? it may help to get your mind off of everything.