Thursday, September 4, 2008

Max and Liam.

Liam has been on my mind a lot lately.  Perhaps it's due to the passing of beautiful Max Mikulak, who passed away Sunday night at age 7.  I've been reading the Mikulak's blog for quite some time now, as Max's father was one of the founders of the Magic Water Foundation.  Max's health has been deteriorating, however, I was stunned on Monday morning to read on his blog that he had passed.  What a sweet boy.  Oh, how I hate this cancer with every fiber in my body...

While I was moving all of my files over to my new computer from the old one, I found a lot of old documents that I hadn't looked at in years.  I found a letter to Liam that I wrote shortly after he died in 2005.  Hard to believe it will be 3 years since his passing this November.  Here is an excerpt from my letter: 

"At your viewing, your Daddy said to me, 'I bet Liam is staying up all night, watching all the scary movies we never let him watch, and eating all the popcorn he wants.'  I bet Daddy is right… You will always be with me, Liam.  I am sad because I will not ever see your smiling face again, or hold your hand, or sing you songs or play with you.  Or have piggy back ride races, or watch you hug your “baby sister Alli” goodnight.  But when I see the sun set, or see a baby smile, or hug your dinosaurs, I know that you are right there with me.  You’re sitting next to me on this bed right now, you’re flying around the room, you’re outside the window peeking in…you are all around me."

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Kelsey said...

i've been upset about liam a lot lately as well because hes been on my mind constantly. maybe hes trying to talk to us and we shouldn't be sad about that? thats what i'm starting to think.
love you. <3