Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ABC Party

Here is my "Anything But Clothes" dress that I made all of last week!  I colored coffee filters with markers, and then sprayed them with water to make them look "tie dyed".  I wanted to wear something colorful and was really interested to see if I could make it look "cute".  I actually ended up winning the "Most Creative" Award!  Also, please excuse the beverage in my hand.  ;-)

PS. My hair is getting LONG!


dan said...

i love it!

erin - heart in ireland said...

very awesome :)

how long did it take you to make that? i love abc parties!

Emmers said...

hey give liz and me some credit - we're pretty good tie-dyers too!! ;) you look very nice!

Olivia said...

Awesome dress. Definitely deserved the award!

Glad you like the book and don't worry about mailing. I can definitely get it from the library, if that works better for you.

Have a great one!