Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Overheard in Greensboro

I found a notecard tonight that I'd written last fall while I was at the airport.  It was an overheard conversation.  I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget about it - of course, I did, but I found the notecard tonight and laughed!

A married couple talking to a man in a business suit at the Greensboro Airport, while waiting at the baggage claim:

Wife (to The Man In Suit): "So, are you a DJ or something?"
The Man In Suit: "No...uh, actually I'm a preacher."
Husband: [long pause] "Oh...well...not much difference- you're just spinning The Bible!  Wicka Wickaa!"


Olivia said...

LOL!!!! That is AWESOME.

lindsey said...

that's hilarious!
i love all of the overheard blogs

Emmers said...

bahahaha only in greensboro ;)

Dan said...

that is awesome :D