Thursday, April 9, 2009


Sweet Erin B. passed away this morning.  I was pretty shocked to come home from class today and read Vickie (her mom) 's  post on their blog.  I knew that Erin had been pretty sick lately, but I figured it was just a bad patch and things would get better and Erin would go on some new trial.  I'm so sad, and so mad at myself for not getting around to writing that Thank-You note that has been sitting on my dresser for 2 weeks, ever since I received the beautiful lanyard that Erin and her beading friends made.  
Anyone can tell that Erin lived her life "to the max" in every way possible.  I couldn't believe everything she was always involved in!  From sports to after school activities to play dates, it seemed like Erin never stopped "going".  

I'm sad that I never got to meet Erin, but she really lived her life in an admirable way, and I will definitely never forget her.  In the tiny package that my lanyard came in, there was a copy of this photo (Erin's school photo for this year).  I think she looks so pretty and happy in it, I plan to tack it up next to my photo of Laura Stiles. on my cork board, which will eventually go over my desk.  That way I can see both of their beautiful smiles everyday. 

Erin Buenger, you will be SO missed!!

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Olivia said...

Thinking of you, Kristen and sending many, many hugs.