Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catching up

LTLYM #9: Draw a constellation from someone's freckles.

Last night I noticed that my friend Melissa had freckles on her arm, and remembered about the LTLYM I decided to draw a constellation!  I didn't draw a real one, and it was with a pen, so it didn't come out very well in the photo, but I did it.  And... I decided it looks like a toilet :-)  haha

LTLYM# 42: List 5 events from 1996.

1. The 1996 Summer Olympics. They were a big deal for Kelsey and I that year (we were 9 and 7) and we watched them religiously. It was also during the 1996 Olympics that Kelsey had her famous "Rings" dream... one night after watching gymnastics, we went to bed. In the middle of the night, Kelsey got up, went into my mom's room and said, "Mom! I need your help!" and my mom said "With what?" and Kelsey said, "The rings are downstairs, but they're too heavy." and my mom said "What rings?" and Kels said, "The rings...for the Olympics!" hahahaha
2. I graduated from 3rd grade. The only reason I say that is because right now, I am wearing my tshirt from my 1996 3rd grade graduation!
3. My very first best friend moved all the way to Tennessee.
4. Clinton got re-elected. (Okay, I have no memory of this at all, but I was only 9 ... I'm having trouble here!)
5. The TWA airline crash near Long Island, NY. This is kind of morbid, but I remembered this happening when I was younger and double checked the date, and it just so happens, it was 1996. I remember because it was about a month after my first plane right, to Orlando FL.

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Emmers said...

hey - it didnt post correctly... fyi

i wanna read your 1996 events!!

lindsey said...

blogger is should get wordpress!

dan said...

1) i went to those olympics! they had a couple of soccer games in birmingham, and we saw baseball and basketball in atlanta!

2) i loved kelsey's dream story!

3) i can't find my class of '96 shirt, but i do know i could never fit into it today :(

Emmers said...

yay i finally was able to read your post - :-) yay olympics and weird dreams... I dont really know what happened to me in 1996 :-P

Emmers said...

also. muffin tops.

Kelsey said...
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Kelsey said...

you forgot to mention i was sleep walking!! hahaha then woke up to mom stopping me from going downstairs.

also- EM did you write muffin tops because it was the final puzzle on wheel of fortune tonight??? I really hope so because I have a funny story- I was watching wheel of fortune with mom and carlos at home tonight and mom and i figured out muffin tops and were screaming "MUFFIN TOPS! MUFFIN TOPS!" at the guy because he kept saying muffin TOP without the S, but anyway- he finally gets it and Carlos looks at us so confused and said Whats a muffin top??! He had never heard of that term so we told him and then i went on explaining its also an occurrence when your jeans are too tight around your waist hahaha

Olivia said...

Love the constellation. It DOES look like a toilet!

erin - heart in ireland said...

Cool constellation :)

I was omg obsessed with gymnastics in the 96 Olympics. I knew everything about them alllll and absolutely LOVED Kerri Strug.
And I also remember the TWA flight, we were on LBI with my family and it was allll over the news.