Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was really fun. We didn't have classes on Friday, so I slept until noon and enjoyed the rest of the day. I went grocery shopping, and it feels so good to actually have food again! Friday night we cleaned the living room like mad. We're trying to clean the house room by room so that it looks presentable when my mom and Carlos get here on Friday for my birthday.

Saturday I went to my best friend Kim's Karate testing. She has been doing Tae Kwon Do for awhile now, and yesterday she tested to become a BLACK BELT! It was super nerve wracking. First she did her form, which she got perfectly. Then she sparred, which went fine too, it just looked exhausting. Everyone wears big red padding on their heads, feet, shins, and hands. Finally, Kim had to break 2 boards - one with her elbow, and one with her kick. Kim is great at the kick board, but she's been trying for months to break the elbow board and get her black belt. The boards are so thick (I could never do it!) You get three tries to break each board. Kim broke her first board (by kicking) on the first try. The elbow board, she went twice and didn't break it. On the third and final try, I had my fingers crossed, holding my breath... and this is what happened:

I am so proud of her!! Congratulations, Kim! You're the coolest Black Belt I know!!

After that, we went to Triad's rugby game and watched them win the Semifinals of the South Tournament!! They go on to finals at the end of the month, and if they win, they go to Nationals!! After that we went to the social and had tons of fun.

Yesterday morning I went to Kims and we got ready to go over to the family she babysits for for Easter Dinner. They invited both of us- they are a lesbian couple with two great little boys, and we had lots of fun but ran out of energy after dinner, so we went home. I napped for awhile, got up, had dinner, and then waited around to register for classes next semester! I'm taking:
Research Methods in Human Development, Professional Development in Human Development, African Political Systems (totally stoked for that one, and I'm not being sarcastic), and Music and Cultures Around the World (a random class I picked up just so I could stay full time).

Whew, long post. Big week ahead, I can't wait for my mom to get here!


lindsey said...

that board breaking stuff is ridiculously bad-ass

gillian said...

i'm soooo jealous you're taking african political systems!
i wanted to take that to fill like four of my requirements (& because it sounds awesome) but it was reserved for poli sci majors only :(

You have to tell me all about it!

Dan said...

those are awesome classes!

erin - heart in ireland said...

Sounds like awesome classes next term! I miss being in college!