Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Change can be a really scary thing. It's actually probably one of the things in my life that I like the least. I guess not many people are too fond of it. But change, to me, always means you're losing out on something. However, the way I've come to think is, that if you're losing out on one thing, you are somehow gaining something else. As a person who often bases her decisions off of what will have the least amount of impact on those around me, and those who I love, I think at this moment in my life, I am doing the opposite. I am making decisions based on what will have the least amount of impact, in the end, for me. One thing that I got out of counseling last year is that sometimes it's necessary to put your own interests and needs ahead of those you love. It's a hard thing to do, but if you live the rest of your life pleasing others, doing things that make others happy at the expense of your own happiness, etc. then you really aren't living for yourself. Sometimes the right thing to do isn't the easiest or least painful... it's just that is what your head is telling you to do, and it knows that someday, your heart will forgive.

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Olivia said...

What a powerful entry and so true. It's definitely advice I needed to hear and words I'll keep in mind as I try to live them. As someone who has spent too much of my conscious life defining myself by what others thought of me and determining my worth by how happy I could make others, this really hit home. Thank you!

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