Saturday, April 18, 2009


My birthday was fabulous this year!

My mom and Carlos came down on Friday and arrived right after I finished my political science exam.  We spent the afternoon hanging out and preparing for our cookout.  Kim, Suzi, Elliott and Sean D. came over and celebrated with yummy food and drinks.  Our neighbor came over with his homemade beer that was made with coffee and chocolate - it was amazing but kept me up all night because it was made with real coffee!  My mom gave me a GPS system for my car (thank god, I get lost all the time), Em gave me these great pillows for my bed and a gift card to Be.d, B.ath, and Be.yond, and Dan gave me this awesome game called Mexican Train Dominoes!  

I'll write more about the weekend soon, but just wanted to post a link to my "Birthday Wish" on facebook.  Facebook has a cool new option where for your birthday, you can pick a cause and people can donate to it instead of sending you gifts.  Instead of presents, I asked for people to donate to Alex's Lemonade Stand.  Here is the link:  KRISTEN'S BIRTHDAY WISH.  

Especially in light of sweet Erin's recent passing, I would love to reach my goal of $100.  I have already raised $56 of it!!  I've been thinking about the Buenger Family every day, and just can't help but be heartbroken.  I have had the privilege of "knowing" so many amazing NB kids, but Erin really stuck out to me.  Her zest for life, sense of humor, amazing accomplishments, and all around general "coolness" for being 11 years old, are all things that contributed to my feeling that it's just NOT FAIR ... as I have many, many times about many, many other children.  

Something needs to be done.  A plan of action needs to go into effect.  Why do such ridiculous things exist like paying millions of dollars for Super Bowl Ads, actors being paid unthinkable amounts of money for doing films, paying for soldiers, ammo, transportation, and training for wars that are unnecessary (not to say that those soldiers are in the wrong, just the wars themselves),  while children are dying by the handful from diseases that could be treated more effectively if those treatments received MORE FUNDING.  It makes my blood boil just to think about it.

Why aren't other people freaking out about this?  Why doesn't everyone feel like this is the most horrible thing ever?  I just don't get it.

Wow this post went from super happy, to sad, to angry all in a matter of 4 paragraphs... but you guys know me - when I am passionate about something, I get into it.

Now, does anyone know a billionaire who's ready to drop about 25 million on some awesome Neuroblastoma treatment research?


Hans' Mom said...

Kristen -
Happy B'day.

I just wanted to say that I really loved the quote you posted on Erin's site. I've gone back to read it three or four times today.

(Hans' mom)

melanie, aka Mo said...

Well, i read with interest about your friend with neuroblastoma. Just thought you'd like to know that Abel's dad ( did a recent post about some progress being made with treatment! You will have to look back through journal history, but not very far! it was last week! Anyhoo... I use a canon rebel xs or xsi?! I don't really know. I am about to upgrade though, because I have not been happy with it lately. pRobably sticking with canon due to the extra lenses I have. Maybe an xti? Any suggestions?! Melanie

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday :-)
I've seen that Susan Boyle...I was gobsmacked. Actually gobsmacked by the sound that came out of her. Which made me feel slightly judgmental, judging a book by its cover etc? Hmmm.
I wholeheartedly understand your frustration with the neuroblastoma/diseases needing funding for more research. Every day I hear about more people where symptoms just haven't been picked up due to lack of expertise etc.
It breaks my heart.

erin - heart in ireland said...

happy (slightly) belated birthday!

sounds like you had a good weekend :)