Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Anyway, the thing is...what I really mean. Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen.

Liam, Jan. '05...3 months before relapse.
Kelsey got a tattoo today...I took a picture with my phone but I don't know how to access it on the internet (someone teach me!). It's a heart with wings and a little halo, and it has Liam and Christine's initials under it on each's exactly what she wanted, so of course she loves it. It looks really awesome too, her artist was awesome. My mom and I are going to him for ours, most definitely. The place was so clean and it was such a good atmosphere.

Today is the 22nd... a year ago today, actually right at this time, we were at Liam's viewing. It was pretty much a dream for me, I don't remember a whole lot of it, except that I signed with Mrs. Kane's deaf sister and took care of Alli most of the night. And of course I remember what Liam looked like. I was terrified, especially since Liam was in half of his halloween costume that he'd refused to take off in the last few weeks of his life. So he was dressed as a Power Ranger SPD Dino Thunder ... I have a picture of Liam in his halloween costume on halloween...He's in the halloween parade at our church, and he's waving to his daddy. He felt so sick that day (as it was only 2 weeks before he passed away) but he wanted to be a part of the parade so badly.
Days are easier when you just write.

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