Friday, November 24, 2006

I fight with love.

We are TOO COOL for school ;) Maria and I at the beach on her birthday weekend, June 2005.

My graduation party, June 2005. Mariah, Theresa, Maria, Julie, Elise, and me.

I MISS THE NEWMEYERS HOUSE...Theresa, Mariah, Me, Mer, Julie.
I'll explain this picture later...

Me and Julie, Feb. 2005.

The Magic Garden at South Street - my favorite place : )

Me and Laura, ski trip at some point during high school.

HA, those tights are so pink. Erica, Me, Lindsay.

High school. It can't be summed up in all of these pictures, not by a long shot. If I were going to proportionally represent high school, there would be a lot of other people-- however, I am illustrating my favorite part of high school, which happened to be the last two years of it (surprisingly.) The LSC has been one of the best things in my life... I am so thankful for my friends. I thought about it yesterday all day. I'm thankful for so much, so many people, all of the things that I have, my puppy...everyone. But the LSC has been such a good cornerstone. It's like a backup know it will always be there. I love my friends so much. These pictures are just some random times, I could have posted seven HUNDRED pictures instead of seven, but I just picked these ones out randomly.

The picture of me dancing with that old man in the mall ... we had a scavenger hunt at one point during my senior year... and one of the things on the list was for someone to teach you the jitterbug! But you weren't allowed to tell them that you were doing a scavenger hunt...So we went to the mall and I found this group of old men and women sitting together, and told them that I was learning about the Jitterbug in school and could they possibly show me how to do it? So all the old people like, pointed to that old man and were cheering for him (apparently he was a great dancer earlier in his life haha) and so he got up, all proud, and taught me the Jitterbug right in the food court of the Concord Mall! So cute...
I was going through all of the music on this computer, and it's so crazy how I've changed over the years. There's a ton of Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Starship/Airplane, Grateful Dead, CSNY, and Jimi Hendrix... it's so weird that I barely listen to that anymore. Well, I still listen to Led Zep and The Dead every once in awhile, but not nearly as much as I used to.

The other night Maria, Theresa and I had a really long talk about high we remember it. It's crazy how fast it went, and how far away it feels. The things we went through in high was so much more than "drama"... actually that word can't even be used to describe what we all went through in high school. I will never be able to thank my friends enough for standing up for me, and for loving me no matter what... and some of my friends hurt me and I'll also never forget that. But I think in the end, that's not what matters...

It's friday today... tonight is our GS reunion, and TOMORROW Em comes!
PS- feel free to leave me comments anytime, I'm not really sure who's reading this, I'd love to know :)


Anonymous said...

hey i read, just thought i'd let you know. i like to keep up on your life. i don't really ever know what to say, because i feel like i never say the right thing, or really do the right thing anymore, but i'm here!
i love you.
love, meredith.

Anonymous said...


I read it too! I find that you always have things to say that ''click'' with me. You are an amazing person with a fantastic outlook on life. I'm struggling with some things now and sometimes reading what you have to say gives me some inner peace.

keep writing and posting pictures! I vote for more Sydney pics, btw. Oh and I meant to call you during break but I ended up coming back to PA on Saturday. I hope you had a great holiday!