Monday, November 13, 2006

Beauty Like That Knows No Home.

I took this picture the morning of Christine's funeral, before the bus left ESU for the funeral home. Kristy was with me - we like to think of it as Liam and Christine, making a guest appearance at PACAA. We sat and watched them for about 10 full minutes. They fluttered around us and around the flowers, they went away a few times, but they kept coming back. I like the picture because Christine's two favorite colors were green and pink, and Liam's two favorites were green and orange, and all of those colors are very prominent and very vivid in this photo.

Today I overheard the most asinine conversation. I'm currently reading "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris, and I found a couch in the EUC (our student center) in between classes to get a few pages in. These two girls on the couch across from me were discussing whether homosexuality was a product of nature or nuture (neither of them were familiar with the phrase, trust was more like ridiculous comments.) One girl actually said that she thought maybe "gay people are happening more because moms aren't dressing their girls in all pink anymore, and their boys in all blue, and kids don't have as much of a personal identity anymore" ... WHAT? I also fell off my couch when she said that! Imagine... a little boy turning gay because his mom didn't dress him in all blue when he was a baby? I mean, her point was somewhat valid, the part about the identity. However, whatever you were dressed in as a child is not going to affect your sexuality. It might affect your sexual identity - it might confuse you at some point, more so if your mom was extreme and like, dressed you in skirts or something. But the truth will be revealed. It always is.

I need to get some sleep. More tomorrow.

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