Saturday, November 18, 2006

Match in the gas tank, Boom Boom.

Me and Amy at the '05 "Family" Reunion.

Last night I saw UConn play UMD in the semifinals of the NCAA Division I Field Hockey Championships. The game went into double overtime, and then a strokeoff, and UConn lost by one stroke. The game was amazing. The reason I went to see isn't because I'm a hockey nut (although I wouldn't mind being one, it's such a great sport-) Amy Williams, a good friend of mine from high school, now plays hockey for UConn. She's a freshman this year, so she basically sits the bench until she gets a little bit older. But it was so great to see her, I surprised her. Her reaction was absolutely priceless. I was holding a hot dog and she jumped on me, hugged me and jumped around and knocked my hotdog 4 rows down the stands...spraying relish on a poor innocent bystander's blanket ;)

GS Camp Grove Point, 2004

I saw this picture today when I was on facebook. Laura posted it in this group, and it reminded me of how much I miss girl scouts. Call me a dork all you want, it was just amazing to spend time with such awesome people. I miss those girls, I miss how the 8 of us were a small family...everyone contributing something different to the pot. What a great thing to be a part of for 13 years.

This picture was taken in NYC last year, about a month and a half after Liam passed away. I saw this huge brontosaurus painted on the side of a building, and I had to snap a picture- anything that's dino related automatically makes me think of the little man. I'm scared, nervous, and anxious to wake up tomorrow morning. November 19th. Liam, please give me the strength to get out from under the covers tomorrow morning. Thank you buddy.


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Emmers said...

Hey - Everythings going to be great tomorrow - you'll have Maria and me and Liam will be looking down and making sure you okay :)

...times a million...