Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I believe in you, and I believe in love.

BHS Field Hockey 2004. Find me!
Me and Kels being silly at the beach.
Homecoming 2003.
Making Jr. Staff, Summer '04
Christine Luciano, age 2
I'm a big sister! July 28, 1989

I was browsing through the pictures on this computer to find one to post, and I just kept finding more and more pictures that I hadn't seen in years! The field hockey picture is just funny, and I posted it here so that I could save it to my laptop when I go back to North Carolina. The others are just random photos... Notice my cool knee brace in the picture of me making jr. staff. Making jr. staff was the only good thing that happened to me that year! Just kidding ;) Also, I found that picture of Christine, which I thought was sooo cute, so I just had to post it. It's been 4 months since Christine passed away... How horrible that we lost Liam and Christine within 8 months of each other. 5 years old and 17 years old...it's enough to keep you up all night.
Anyways, on a lighter note- I'm back home in Delaware!! Yes, Delaware is spelled with one "l" and there is only ONE "e". You'd be surprised how often it is misspelled. It's good to be here, but it's kind of weird. I feel like an adult, and I kind of feel like I'm staying in a hotel. Sydney likes it here, lots of room to roam around and there's not random shit and trash everywhere like at 2004 Walker. She also likes my mom a lot, so she spends a lot of time just laying by her feet while she's cooking or reading or watching TV :) My mom was so angry when I got her, and she still pretends a little that she resents the fact that I got her...but then I'll sneak a peek upstairs and my mom will be kissing her or passing her a bite of her sandwhich or taking a picture of her with her camera phone (my mom is so hip!! HA!)

Em spent the night last night and then left this morning for NJ - my mom was super cool, she let us sleep in the same bed and everything... which I just wasn't sure how she'd react. We haven't talked about it, but I don't think we need to. She's happy that I'm happy :) I was sad that Em left this morning, it's weird to be lying around doing nothing, and not doing it with her haha. It's always good to have time apart, but this week is so rough, as all I can think about is what Thanksgiving Break was like last year. Emergency flights home, buying new clothes for awful services, crying myself to sleep everynight, etc.

Wilmington has actually been changing a lot... a lot of stores are gone or replaced by other stores...the roadwork has changed EVERYTHING, especially over by Weldin Rd. and where Foulk Rd. meets Concord Pike. Does anyone else find it weird that we now have a traffic circle Wilmington!!?? Strange, last time I checked this wasn't New Jersey!!
It's good to see my friends again. The LSC has certainly spread out all over the country. We're in... Colorado, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and a few left in Delaware. I don't know if there will ever be a time again when all members of the LSC will be together again. It's highly unlikely, as our schedules are all INSANE and half of us are beginning to semi-settle where we're going to school. I'm the only one who doesn't live in dorms this year, but next year more of my friends will be living off their campuses...and that means you don't get kicked out during breaks and during the summer!!

Time to help my mom cook some dinner :)
Love Always,

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