Monday, December 29, 2008


I know that I need to update on Christmas (which was wonderful), however something else is weighing on my mind.

I've been keeping up on sweet Eden since around 2005.  She relapsed at one point, but had maintained stable disease for a few years (which is a very long time in the NB world).  When I got home tonight I checked up on all of my "friends" and when I clicked on her website, I was shocked to read that she passed away today around 2pm.   

This is a photo of Eden (she is to the right of George Bush, with the upside down pediatric cancer ribbon pin) from when Bush signed the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act.

Please send prayers towards Eden's family, as I'm sure they are absolutely devastated.

So many families spent their Christmases without their little ones.  Please keep them in your mind as well.

PS. A friend of mine is in nursing school and has just started a rotation at A.I duPont in Wilmington.  I saw her tonight before she went to work on 3C north - the Oncology floor.  She told me that she sees "Liam Books" all of the time.  Mrs. Kane started a book drive in Liam's honor - every year she collects tons of books and puts these beautiful stickers on them with Liam's photo and his name.  I love that people see them!

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