Thursday, December 18, 2008

You can rely on me, honey

I took this photo last week and totally forgot about it until I loaded my photos onto my computer last night.  You'll probably recognize it as the flash that sits atop my Kodak Brownie camera from my grandmother.  I liked the reflection and the fish-eye view that it gave of our living room.

Today Elaina drove down from NJ to hang out.  We took care of some very important business, and spent the rest of her time here driving through the valley, talking, singing, and relaxing at my house.  I'm so glad she came down, I love having visitors.  It's always makes my boring days so much more exciting.  I'm also very lucky to have her as a friend.  We have big plans for when she comes back sometime. (Mainly Philadelphia and the Brandywine Zoo!!)  

Christmas is a week from today.  Amazingly, I am almost done with my Christmas shopping.  I need to get a few more things for my mom, but besides that I am good to go.  I really get slammed this time of year - My mom's Bday is Dec. 17 and my dad's is Dec. 26.  Then, Em's is Jan. 16.  It stinks because I always come up with one great present (usually for Christmas) and then the Bday present is never as good!

Tomorrow Em is coming down for the weekend.  We're supposed to get snow!  

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday so far.  

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