Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few Things

1. I am finished with Christmas shopping.  Next challenge: Have it all wrapped in 48 hours!

2. It's 12:45 am, making it officially December 23rd...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY!!!!!!

3. My bedroom looks like our storage space exploded into it, and I can't find the energy to put everything back where it belongs.

4. Even though it's the holidays and things are happy and bright and cheerful and there's things to do, I keep getting these intense feelings of sadness that wash over me that I can't shake.  It's bugging me that I can't control it.

5. I am obsessed with Julia Nunes.  Search for her in you.tube... you won't be disappointed.  She's hilarious AND makes stunning music.  I found her last summer randomly, and sometimes when I'm bored, I just watch all of her videos and laugh my face off.

6. When I was a senior, my Field Hockey team became extremely close.  We dealt with the death of one of the fathers of one of our players (he was also our indoor FH coach), and I think that brought us together, in a sad way.  Our varsity team really bonded that year, beyond the usual team-bonding.  We called ourselves "The Prettiest Team" - kind of an inside joke between all of us.  That year after the season ended, we all wanted to get together, so I hosted "The Prettiest Team Holiday Party" at my house.  The tradition stuck, and we've been getting together for the holidays ever since.  It's weird, because for the last few years there have been a few girls who were still in high school, but at this point, we are ALL in college.  I really want to go to this party, but it's on Dec. 29th ... and I'm supposed to be going to Jersey for a few days on the 27th.  I could cut my visit to NJ short, but I might not get to see everyone that I want to see, and plus I wanted to stay there until New Years Eve.  Decisions, decisions... I'm pretty torn.  What would you do?

7. I watched the absolute saddest episode of a TV show today.  I was never really that into TLC until I met Em, and right around then two shows started coming on regularly that I am now hooked on - Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Little People, Big World.  Tonight on LPBW, a really good family friend (of the family the show follows) passed away suddenly.  They were devastated, as this friend was more like a member of their family.  I cried through the whole show... I am such a baby.  In my own defense, they did film his funeral and reception, and a lot of the children and how they were dealing with it.  (They're like 17, 14, and 11).  

8. I missed Sydney so much while she wasn't here.  Now that she is here, I can barely remember what it was like to not have her!  I play with her outside a lot, and we snuggle before bed.  Right now she's draped over my feet, keeping them warm.  I can hear her snoring a little, and it makes me smile on the inside.

9. Remember last year when I had that strange rash issue?  It went unsolved over the 2 month period that I was tortured by it.  I felt like I should have been on an episode of House.  I saw a ton of different doctors and tried a ton of different medication.  The steroids helped, but after doing a 10 day step down cycle, it went away and then came back with a vengeance.  Anyway - it disappeared in May (to say I was relieved is a complete understatement).  And I am sad and frustrated to report that it has shown up again - in a slightly different form.  Never in my LIFE have I had excema (calm down, it's not gross), and now I have two patches of it - one on each arm.  Nothing is helping to calm it, so I'm going to have to go to the doctor.  Not that I expect them to be able to help me, ha!

10. I told my mom about the money that you guys donated.  She was so excited, and SO INCREDIBLY relieved because enough money was donated to pay the hospital bill for this month!  I was shocked, though- when she told me that the REAL bill hasn't even come yet.  The hospital bills we have now are just for the doctors visits, blood draws, pre-admission testing, etc.  The bill for the SURGERY and hospital stay afterwards hasn't even come yet.  And that one is going to be around $25,000.  (GASP.)  Our insurance will cover a portion of that, but we will be responsible for the rest.  However - a big Thank You again to those who donated- even tiny amounts.  Every $5 is five dollars less that my mom has to stress about.  She loves you all, and so do I.


Hot Rod said...

i thought i was the only one obsessed with Julia Nunes!!!! we're facebook friends!

lindsey said...

thank you!
i watched little people big world & had some tears too, especially when the big twin was talking about their friend.
can you go up to jersey and then just go back to de for the party and then back up to jersey? a lot of driving, but seems worth it. can you head up to jersey earlier than the 27th?

Anonymous said...

you should try aveeno lotions and aveeno body wash. you should def make sure you are using a hypoallergenic laundry detergent, "ALL" in the white bottle works wonders. dont use anything smelly or girly. it seems like i had the same rash and when i went to my derm, he told me to use all aveeno products. they work wonders and my rash/skin irritation cleared up pretty quickly!!

Turtle said...

I have Celiac Disease and with that comes a lovely skin irritation issue. I've been through a gazillion lotions and such and finally found this lotion called "SARNA" that seems to be the ONLY lotion that brings my itchy, burny skin relief. You can usually find it @ Wal Mart for around $10, but it's over w/ the poison ivy stuff NOT in the lotion section. Or if you have access to a COSTCO you an get it there for a buck cheaper. The one @ Wally World is usually the medicated smelly one. I prefer the frangrance free one and get it at COSTCO. Hope you find some relief soon!