Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Sad.

This is a photo of the scene in San Diego where a military plane crashed into a suburban neighborhood on Monday.  The pilot ejected himself from the plane,  landed in a tree, and survived.  Tragically, the plane demolished a house, killing four people.  One man went to work in the morning, and when he got home, his wife, mother in law, 21 month old daughter and 2 month old daughter were gone forever.  The family has just immigrated from Korea to start a new life in the United States.  The Grandmother came to help out with the new baby.  It breaks my heart to read the news article and hear what Mr. Yoon had to say about his family that he will never see again.

This story struck me really hard for some reason.  I guess it always takes hearing about something like this to remind me that things are not really that bad in my life.  All of my family is healthy for the most part.  The people that I love the most are with me on Earth, even if they are far away.  

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