Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finnen Haddie

I have so much to write about- the last week has been so busy, everyday was something exciting.  

Last Saturday night Em and I were invited to our friend Elaina's house for her family's "Fish Party".  Atleast, that's what we always called it until we learned exactly what it was!

Every year her family has a party and serves this amazing dish called Finnen Haddie, which is basically smoked haddock cooked in a cream sauce with green and red peppers, and then served over a baked potato.  The meal was outstanding!  They also made corn pudding which I'd never had before but fell in love with, and some other dishes that I can't remember the name of but also enjoyed.  

Apparently, it's a big deal to get to stir the "sauce" (cream, peppers, and fish) and Mrs. Van Kirk was so kind to let Em and I try for awhile!  We had to wear aprons in order to be allowed to stir!  It was a great night overall, we met a lot of really cool people, including Elaina's uncle who has sailed across the Atlantic, and her friend who plays ukelele and shared a lot of my music interests.  Finnin Haddie is no longer a huge mystery, and I'm very proud of Em for eating every single bite.  (Even if it was just to spite me, since I'd told Elaina she probably wouldn't even try it - ha ha)

More to come about the holidays!

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