Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Christmas Eve was fun - we all wrapped things, then I went to church with my mom.  It was kind of hard being back at our church, plus there was someone there who I wasn't expecting, so it kind of threw me off.  We left church and went to a Christmas party that we were invited to, and we stayed there until around 2am.  Then we came home, hopped in bed, and woke up around 9:30 on Christmas Day.

We had a great time opening up gifts.  I got a lot of awesome things - a tripod for my camera, a book, some clothes that I picked out for myself, an assortment of Burt's Bee's products, an iHome, and more things that I can't remember at the moment.  From my dad I received an authentic Phillies jersey (#8 Victorino!) and a beautiful necklace, among other things.  Em got me new hiking boots (!!!!) that I love and am currently wearing everywhere to try to break 
them in.  She also got me a chess set (I'm such a dork).  I received the coolest and most beautiful bracelet ever from my cousin Meghan.   Also, Em's mom got me a down blanket, 
which I am very, very excited to use when I get back to Greensboro.  

My favorite part of Christmas is surprising people with their gifts.  This year Kels and I surprised my mom by doing her a stocking - and she LOVED it!!!  It was so fun!  I also got her new bath towels, a book, a purse, a framed photo of Kels and I, and some silicone bakewear that she wanted.  

Oh - my mom's gift from Em ....

For those of you who thought it was an outdoor fireplace, you were correct!  She was so insanely excited and surprised - she had NO idea what it was going to be.  She loves the moons and stars in it.  It's currently sitting in our garage in the box, but I think Em and I are going to surprise her tonight and put it together for her.  

Back to Christmas Day- we went down to Chestertown to have dinner with my dad's side of the family.  As always, drama drama drama.  I won't even get into that on here.

Later that night we drove back home and slept here on Christmas night.  All in all, it was a great day.  A stressful one, but still fun and relaxing (sort of). 

Tonight we are going into Philly for New Years Eve.  I'm super pumped- Em is on her way down now.  Then, tomorrow I leave for Deep Creek Lake, MD with my cousin's family.  I went 2 years ago with them and it was great.  This year, my mom and sister are coming so it will be even more fun!

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