Monday, December 1, 2008

NoJoMo #30 - The Last One

On Saturday Em's dad took us flying.  He is a member of a flying club in Morristown, where they take turn using the planes there.  It was so amazing!  That morning, I was very nervous.  I spent Friday night at Elaina's house, and when I woke up I couldn't even eat breakfast because nerves were causing my stomach to do all sorts of acrobatics.  She sent me on my way with two clementines that I did manage to eat before we took off.  When we got there, Em's dad spent awhile getting things all set, and then we pushed the plane forward, got in, taxied over to the runway and prepared for take-off!  It was literally breathtaking.  We flew in a big circle - first down to New Brunswick (I waved to you, Courtney!), then we had to fly around Newark Airport and not invade their airspace.  We then flew over New York Bay, and flew north up the Hudson River and Brooklyn came into view, followed by Manhattan.  It was such a clear day!  After Manhattan we saw Crom Pond (sp?) which is where Em and her family lived until Em was about 3.  Then, we stopped at another airport north of NYC to refuel and grab lunch, and then we headed back to Morristown.  There are a lot of photos and blogger has been being weird about me trying to put captions underneath of them.  So, like my last post, I'll list them here for those who are interested.  

Photo 1: Me getting into the plane... the inside was smaller than a car!  Photo 2: All ready for take-off... I got to sit in the front!!  Photo 3: HEY CORDUROY! ..that's New Brunswick, where Rutgers University is located.  Photo 4: Tributaries.  They looked cool.  Photo 5: I took this for my friend Elaina, who let me be her First Mate when she took me sailing this summer for my very first time.  Photo 6: The Tappan Zee Bridge.  Or was that the Verrazano Bridge? (*EDIT* It's the Verrazano.)  Photo 7: Self Explanatory.  Photo 8: Manhattan!  A good view of Battery Park City.  Also, if you look closely, you can see Mr. Galbraith's building that he works in.  It's just left of the center of the photo, and is a cream building with a mint-green roof.  Photo 9: World Trade Center site.  Photo 10: NYC Skyline... The Empire State building is the tallest building, and The Chrysler Building is to it's right.  Photo 11: Old Yankee Stadium. (*EDIT* It's the new stadium.)  Photo 12: Landing!


Emmers said...

Thats the Verrazano Bridge - The Zee is up north of the city (the one with the really long causeway leading up to it.

And that picture is of New Yankee Stadium - which is funny because it does look more "classic" than the old one - haha :-)

I'm so glad you liked flying - next time we'll go buzz and maybe fly out to PA - or down the Eastern Shore!

Miss u

erin said...

Those are absolutely amazing pictures! It looks like a lot of fun!

Congrats on the month of posts too!

lindsey said...
saw this photo contest & thought of you

dan said...

i love them all!!

#5 - my desktop at home

#10 - my desktop at the y