Sunday, November 30, 2008

NoJoMo #29... a day late!

Sorry for the delay... I have been SO busy this Thanksgiving weekend.  However, it's been so wonderful to see all of the people who I love so much.  These photos are from Thanksgiving day, which was spent at my Uncle Clarke's house.  (1st photo: Coulby, Me, Jack, and Emma.  2nd photo: A Thanksgiving tradition for my family- a bushel of raw oysters.  3rd photo: Me and Jack dancing.  4th photo: My Poppop napping.  5th photo: Jack-Jack Attack.)  PS. In regards to the first photo - do you know how hard it is to make 3 children under the age of 6 ALL look at the camera AND smile at the same time!?!  It's HARD!

It's strange to see photos of myself taken with my camera- I really don't have that many, since I am usually behind the lens and not in front of it.

Tonight I'll post my very last NoJoMo post!

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