Monday, November 10, 2008

NoJoMo #10

Over the summer I went into Philly and walked around the city with Lindsey.  We brought our cameras and photographed random things along our walk.  I loaded the photos onto my computer and haven't really thought about them much because I wasn't that impressed with myself.

Then, last week, my mom and I drove up to
 West Chester (about 20 mins west of Philly) to visit Kelsey at work.  She's working at up there and asked us to come up to eat dinner 
while she was working, and she'd take her break and eat with us.  So we did, and while we were waiting for our food, a painting on the wall caught my eye.  I stared at it and couldn't figure out why it felt so incredibly familiar.  And then it hit me.  It looked exactly like this photo that I took when Lindsey and I were walking around that day.  It HAD to be the same spot.  But I wasn't totally sure... so I snapped a photo on my cell phone to compare it when I got home.  (Creepy, I know.  The girl working with Kelsey must have thought I was crazy).  

So, here are the two photos.  It's quite possible, since West Chester is so close to Philadelphia.  

Here's what makes me believe that it's the same place, despite some of the differences in the photo and the painting:

  • The tops of the lights are extremely similar looking.
  • There are actually two bridges (in my photo, you can't really see it, but there was another bridge behind the closest one)
  • The "heads" that are on the side of the bridge.  In my photo, you can't see it because the first lamp pole is blocking it.  But it's there - I have a photo of the actual head on the side of the bridge.
  • The railing along the closest bridge is so similar to the one depicted in the painting.  
  • The stone that the bridge is made out of is the same as in the painting.  There are just blocks, but along the bottom of the bridge are stones with a "keystone" in the middle.
  • Look at where the lamp posts meet the ground.  There is a rounded, cylindrical stone block that is holding them, but the lamps are connected to a "stone box" in both the painting and the photo.



lindsey said...

that's totally the same place - i saw the painting first and was like, hey that's at the schulkill river path! then i read the rest of your post.

erin said...

That is hilarious! I would say they are of the same place. The only bit of Philly I kinda know is up along Boathouse row, surprisingly I've been to Philly once, to watch a regatta.

This years Dingle was quite tame compared to the 2005 one, seriously that one was MAD. Like craziest weekend of my life!

I know I was thinking about that, how we've never met as well! I'll be home Dec 13- Jan 4th, so we can plan something, as I haven't seen Em in practically forever, I think summer 07? I worked a weekend at camp that summer.

I've been to Galway once. I love it up there. I went up for a weekend last October when my friend Meg visited. I think I'm going up again when my parents visit in December or when my college roomie comes in January.

Ohh, and I'm still thinking of a question, I'm slow.

elaina said...

What has the proudest moment of your life been so far?

Kelsey said...

thats so cool!! i have been so behind on reading your blog...its 4 am on tuesday morning and im just now reading it!! i didn't even know you took a picture of that painting - thats awesome you took a picture of the same thing!