Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NoJoMo #4

I'm taking a break from questions for today (but keep 'em coming!!)

I am so anxious about what will happen...with the presidential election, and with Prop 8.  

I have been waiting for this day since March 2006, when I first met Barack Obama and somehow just knew that he would be running for president.  

I had a dream last night that Michelle Obama e-mailed me, thanking me for voting for her husband.  "I'm always glad when people understand just how much he wants to change our country for the better" it said.

I'm terrified that "something" is going to happen with the polls or ballots.  Some sort of shenanigans.  If it happened when two white men were running, I can definitely foresee it happening when a black man and a white man are running.

Please, please, please...

I'm off to shower and then head to the polls with my mom.

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