Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NoJoMo #4 -- part B.

This is my Poppop Ba.yne.  He's my mom's father.  He lives in Chestertown, MD... a place that can tend to be pretty small minded.  

He grew up in an even smaller town on the eastern shore of Maryland (a town called Crumpton.  pop: less than 1,000).   

I was never disappointed in who my grandfather is.  I always knew that if he had been born somewhere else, or in a different time period, then he probably wouldn't be the somewhat-racist man that he is.  I do NOT fault him for the way that he is... it's just how things were back then, and it's just how things were in the area that he lived.  A few years ago, he was really doing better with it.  Then, one evening, as he was leaving a convenience store, a black man punched him and robbed him in the parking lot.  My Poppop only had $2 in his wallet...  and we were back to square one.

Well, today my mom talked to Poppop on the phone, and he told her that he had gone out today to vote for Barack Obama.  Not only did he vote for Obama - but on his way, he saw an elderly black woman standing on the curb.  He pulled over and asked her if she was alright and she said, "Yes, I'm going to go vote."  And he asked if she needed a ride.  She didn't... someone was on their way to pick her up.  But when my mom heard that, she smiled so big, and was so happy!  My grandfather!  I love him!  

And I really feel that if Barack Obama wins, the change that our country will see (and so desperately needs) won't be solely from Obama's words or actions.  Just having him as our president could change so many peoples' perceptions and ideas.  My grandfather is a perfect example.  We need this...


lindsey said...

that's such a great story & the very reason why i hope obama wins!
i just voted, woo hoo!

erin said...

That is a great story. I remember my first year at WAC, being shocked to find out that in many ways the eastern shore was quite like the "deep south" and that Kent Co was one of the last school districts to desegregate in the US.

I love and miss that area though, Crumpton is nice, I love the auction every Wednesday, my friends and I went a few times and enjoyed walking around and just seeing all the crazy things!

Hopefully tomorrow the change will come!