Saturday, November 15, 2008

NoJoMo #14

Too tired... Even if I tried to make a coherent post right now, it would suck.

I'm here in Burlington, VT - it's so good to be back.  I truly love this place.  The photo posted is one that I took back in March 2006, during my first trip here.  (The same trip where I met Barack!)  Outside of Rachel's dorm there were huge murals that students had painted.  They were very cool.  

Burlington is extremely liberal and gay friendly.  I was downtown for about 3 hours tonight, and I saw at least 10 gay couples.  I love going to bars here, because makeup and heels are not required.  (Not that it's ever required... I just feel so much more comfortable).

Tonight, Rachel and I walked around downtown and I was able to meet her boyfriend.  He's very nice, and a Phillies fan.  We had a good time, but I was exhausted from driving over 6 hours.  

There was a part of the drive where I ended up in central Vermont and had to drive north.  The drive was breathtaking.  Rachel had warned me of the long, desolate road with no cell phone service and lots of cows.  But, the Adirondak Mountains were to my left, with the sun setting over them, and I got some amazing photos!  I'll try to load them onto my computer tomorrow, and post them.  The scene literally took my breath away.  I took a random detour down a random back country road, along farms and old barns turned into houses.  I would pull over every few seconds, as the sun was shifting in between the clouds, causing these beautiful bursts of color and shine.  It made me very happy.

More substantial post ASAP.  Promise.


Emmers said...

I'm glad you had a great drive, and I am excited to see your photos! I miss you!

erin said...

i love the first photo! totally maryland! i loved seeing little kids who could barely walk with their lax sticks!