Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NoJoMo #11

I'm going to knock out a couple of questions in this post.  

"Why did you choose to go to UNCG?" -Kelsey

When I was a junior and looking at universities, I really liked the thought of going somewhere a good distance away.  I didn't want to go across the country, but I did want to put a little distance between myself and the state of Delaware.  In the spring of my junior year of high school, my mom and I made a trip down to North Carolina to look at 3 schools.  (I applied to 5 schools, and luckily was able to visit all of them before ultimately making my decision).  The first school that we visited was UNCG - University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  I'm not sure if it was because the weather was gorgeous (we were there in April) or what, but from the moment I stepped onto that campus, I fell in love with it.  There were gorgeous flowers everywhere, lots of open fields of grass and trees.  The buildings were all beautiful (minus a couple of 70s looking buildings.. ha ha)  After we toured the campus, I went in with some other prospective students and watched a short movie about the school.  From then on, UNCG was my #1 choice.  Here is a photo of my favorite part about the campus - a swing set located right in between the library and the Elliott University Center... which is kind of like a Student Union, with the bookstore, restaurants, etc.  

"If you cold live anywhere, where would you live?"  -Em

Another question filled with possibilities.  Well, I'm definitely one of thos
e people who can't stand the cold.  When it snows, I enjoy it from behind the window, in my cozy warm house.  I'm not a big skiier/winter activities kind of person.  Put me in a tank top and shorts with flip flops, and I'm the happiest girl ever.  So, I've always thought that I would love to live somewhere where it is warm all year round.  However, since none of my family (except for my awesome gay uncle) live in a warm climate, I really don't think I could just up and move somewhere warm and be so far away from the ones that I love.  So, my second choice would be Chestertown, MD.  Gasp!  I know... my parents grew up there, met, and lived there when the were first married.  I was born there, and all of my family lives there.  Eventually, right before Kelsey was born, my parents moved to Delaware because they were both offered jobs right over the line in PA.  For a long time, my mom told Kelsey and I that we moved so that we would have opportunities that were not available to them in Chestertown while they were growing up.  Basically, my mom didn't want us growing up to be "those kids" who hung out in the Super.fresh parking lot on Friday nights because there was absolutely nothing to do.  

As I've grown up, I've really seen another side of Chestertown.  Also, I've been lucky enough to see some of my cousins that have lived there basically their whole lives and turned out just fine - actually, better than "just fine".  Chestertown is an amazing place to grow and thrive.  I think it's important for people who do grow up there to get out and see other places before making a decision to come back, and that's been the case with most of the people that I know.  (Except for my older family members, like uncles/aunts, etc.)  I think that I'm lucky that I grew up somewhere else, because now I can appreciate Chestertown and the Eastern Shore of MD for what it is.  And I would love to live there one day, and have a boat.  I would be perfectly content.  An added note - Chestertown has really grown a lot since my parents moved away.  There are now a lot more things for kids and teens to do.  I think having such a great college right in the middle of the town has helped with that.  

"Who is your favorite sibling?" -Kelsey

Well, since I only have ONE sibling, I'd have to say it's you, Kels!  Congrats!!

Summer 2005 ... can you believe this was over 3 years ago!?!


erin said...

That is exactly how I felt about WAC. From the moment I stepped on campus the first time, I knew. Even thought it was a freezing cold Monday morning at 9am in December. It is funny how you just know! And going to look at WAC was a complete last minute thing. I had already applied to Lynchburg, and had the application ready for Randolph-Macon when I was cleaning out the pile of college brochures and saw a few WAC ones, and was like hey, I want to go look at this school. And that is the best decision I have ever made.

Which leads onto the second question - I would love to live in Ctown or Kent/QA county. Not right now, but it is a place I would love to settle down in or retire. I miss it like crazy, there is just something about the eastern shore. When I was driving down to DC this summer and I passed the exit for 896 all I wanted to do was drive down through Chestertown. I love along the river, down by Quaker Neck, and the drive out to Rock Hall.

lindsey said...

that little swingset is so cute! also your feeling abt uncg is how i felt about dickinson...it's good to go with your gut instinct.
you and your sister look SO young! wow!

lindsey said...

also, i always tell my brother he's my favorite sibling...to which he replies that he's my only sibling...

Kelsey said...

Wow i haven't seen that picture in so long! That was two homes ago! crazy!! i can totally remember that picture being taken. i love old pictures :)