Sunday, November 2, 2008

NoJoMo #2

For those of you who didn't catch my last post - I am doing a "NoJoMo" and asking for YOU guys to give me topics to write about!  Tell me something you want to hear about... it can be a question about anything.  Seriously - don't hold back.  It can be personal, it can be silly, it can be dirty... it can be a "what would you do?"  or "would you rather this or that" kind of question... it can be anything!  Leave it in a comment... a question (or two..or three!) about ANYTHING.  Even if you're a stranger... feel free to leave it anonymously!  I will answer every single question truthfully.

G left me this question : "My question is how/where/when you and 'em' met."

Good question!  I created this blog about two months after I met Em, so I don't believe I've ever really addressed that on here.

The summer after my freshman year at UNCG, I was living in Greensboro with a great friend of mine, Kim.  We lived in The Rugby House and had two other roommates (who were living other places for the summer).  During the summer, a girl had posted on the UN.CG's Rugby group that she was moving to Greensboro from Arizona to get a second degree, and that she would love to help out with the team and/or play if she was eligible.  We kind of forgot about it until a few months later-  August rolled around, and school started.  A week after school started, rugby started up.  We had a few new girls... I remember Em at the first practice.  She was a new girl, but she had on a rugby shirt and told us that she had played before.. I still didn't make the connection that she was "that girl from facebook".  

Em didn't know anyone in Greensboro, and The Rugby House was always open for hanging out.  Em would come over for random parties or get-togethers that were open to the team.  The first time that we actually hung out was a few weeks after Rugby had started.  There is a women's team in the area called Triad, and often, members of our team will go to their practices, just for the extra workout.  One day after our own practice, I asked if anyone was going to Triad's practice, and Em was the only one who wanted to go... so we rode there together and went to Burger King afterwards for some dinner.  While at BK, my roomie Kim called to let me know that everyone was playing board games at our house, so I invited Em to come back with me and play with us.

About a week later, Triad- the men's team in the area, and the team that our former coach plays for, had a game in Wilmington, NC which is on the beach.  Kim and I wanted to go watch, and it was still warm out, so we were hoping to hit the beach as well.  Anyone from the team was invited to go, and Em wanted to, so we told her she was welcome to ride along with us.  Em invited another girl from the team - Turner.  The four of us went to the game and then played around at the beach, tossing a rugby ball and playing in the ocean.  We went out to eat before driving back to Greensboro.

After that, Em and I began talking online and she would come over to the rugby house to hang out.  On Labor Day, some guys at the rugby house had a "Case Race" where they attempted to race to drink entire cases of beer.  A few people came over, including Em.  It got pretty late into the night, and we were all pretty drunk, when one of the rugby girls had to walk back to her dorm, and asked Em to walk with her.  I offered to go with them so that Em wouldn't have to walk back to The Rugby House by herself.  The three of us walked to campus and we dropped off the other girl.  Em and I began walking back to The Rugby House and I remember being pretty drunk.  We stopped to take a break on someone's lawn and I laid back in the grass.  Em laid down next to me and uttered those FAMOUS words... "You can put your head on my arm, if you want."  Haha, she didn't have to ask me twice!

After that, Em was around at The Rugby House a lot more, and some nights she would sleep over...we always slept on the couch, which was shaped like an "L".  Eventually, we were "found out" by Kim's (now) ex-boyfriend.  He woke up one morning and we were holding hands (cue: "aww")  He told Kim, and Kim asked me about it, and then I couldn't really hide it any longer!

The rest, my friends, is history.  :)


lindsey said...

i never heard that story!
that was a good question!

Anonymous said...

i agree, great story. i knew the jist but never heard the full out story! i really like this idea. since i missed out on nov, remind me i want to do this in december. i'm gonna have to start one of these tho i guess, haha. um i'm still thinking about a quesiton...i'll get back to u about that.

miss you,
Love Mer

Kate said...

I'm so glad Em uttered those famous words because otherwise I never would have met you :-) Miss you so much!