Monday, November 3, 2008

NoJoMo #3

For those of you who didn't catch my last post - I am doing a "NoJoMo" and asking for YOU guys to give me topics to write about!  Tell me something you want to hear about... it can be a question about anything.  Seriously - don't hold back.  It can be personal, it can be silly, it can be dirty... it can be a "what would you do?"  or "would you rather this or that" kind of question... it can be anything!  Leave it in a comment... a question (or two..or three!) about ANYTHING.  Even if you're a stranger... feel free to leave it anonymously!  I will answer every single question truthfully.

Question from Em: "Why are elephants your favorite animal?"

Simple question with a simple answer. Two words: JUNGLE BOOK.

Growing up, Kelsey and I had an enormous Disney collection. The Jungle Book was never a huge favorite, but we did watch it from time to time. From the first time I saw it, I fell in love with the elephants! I loved how they walked in a straight line, holding onto the tail of the elephant in front of them. I loved their grandeur and magnificence. I loved how FUNNY they were! Most of all, I liked the little baby elephant. From then on - I liked any movie with elephants. Dumbo, The Secret Garden, etc.

Here is my favorite scene from The Jungle Book.

It's funny how liking something as a kid can roll over into adulthood. I still love elephants, and a dream of mine has always been to touch one, and pat its trunk. Anybody know how I can make this happen, aside from visiting the circus? ;-)


Kelsey said...

i was gonna leave an anonymous embarrassing question but then i remembered you have your stalker radar abilities and decided not to ;)

1. why did you choose to go to uncg?
2. who's your favorite sibling??

lindsey said...

maybe you could touch one at the zoo? or in india?
i'm trying to think of a good question to ask.
if you had unlimited time/$$ to spend on the vacation of a lifetime, where would you go and why?
also, let's plan a getaway to burlington!

Gooch said...

How does your family feel about your sexuality? Do they feel differently about it today than they did in the past?