Sunday, November 9, 2008

NoJoMo #9

This question came from Lindsey: "If you had unlimited time/$$ to spend on the vacation of a lifetime, where would you go and why?"

I love these kinds of questions!!  The possibilities are just endless!

If I had unlimited time, I would make my vacation last about a month.  I would tour Africa... go to as many countries as I could.  I think that people tend to think that all countries in Africa look the same, and are full of the same people.  Yes, African countries are similar, but each one is unique, with it's own particular, rich, and sometimes sad/bloody history.  I would go to all of the safe countries, starting at the bottom of the continent and working my way up.  I would mix pleasure with volunteering (something that usually goes hand in hand in my opinion, anyway.)  I would go on safaris, see the beautiful sights and take amazing photographs.  And I would also lend a hand at orphanages and food banks.  I would play with children in the streets.  I would bring as much American candy as I would be allowed to take and I would dispense it to whomever looked like they could use a treat.

There would still be plenty of relaxing and fun involved...catching sunsets, hiking mountains, shopping at markets, trying new foods, etc.  However, I really couldn't live with myself if I didn't also do something good.  Something to leave behind.  An old Girl Scout saying is "A Girl Scout always leaves a place better than she found it."  I think that back in the day, they were referring to cleaning up after yourself.  But, I like to interpret that phrase a little differently.  Even if leaving a place better than you found it meant that you made someone there smile or helped to carry their burden for a day, or listened to them, or attempted to communicate with them, or taught them something.  

Thanks for the awesome question, Linds!  It makes me wish that I truly did have unlimited time and money for an amazing vacation of a lifetime.


lindsey said...

yay my question!
sounds like an incredible trip...i'm going to steal some of these questions that have been asked of you and blog them too once you're done, hope you don't mind!
here are some more questions:
what's one of your earliest memories? when you remember events/times in your life, do you remember the details or just snippets or what?
has your new camera changed how you look at things?
do you have any regrets in your life thus far?

lindsey said...

oh, what's a skill and/or hobby that you wish you had or that you'd like to study/get better at?