Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NoJoMo #24

Today we went to the Natural Science Center with Kim and Jacob. Jake is so cute, and is such a ham. I can't help but photograph him. Even when he isn't posing, he looks like a little Gap Kids model! His skin is like porcelain...it's so pale!

The second photo is of this awesome sheep who was totally posing for me. He would chew his hay and then watch me adjusting my lens, pause and pose for a second, and then after my shutter went off, he'd go back to chewing. It was quite funny.

After the Science Center, Liz, Jay, Em and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at The Mel.ting Pot. Liz is a server there, and our meal was absolutely awesome! I was also very pleased to see that The Melt.ing Pot is doing a fundraiser over the next month or so, where at the end of your meal, your server offers that you can donate $10 to St. Jude's and in return, you get a $20 gift card to TMP! I think that's a great fundraiser, because you really don't lose any money by donating. It would make a nice Christmas gift as well (in my opinion). It's giving the gift that gives twice!

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