Saturday, November 22, 2008

NoJoMo #22

"What's one of your earliest memories?" -Lindsey
One of my earliest memories is from when I was 4 years old.  We were living in a townhouse in Wilmington, and my dad had a grill in the backyard.  While he was grilling our dinner, I was running around out there with my next door neighbor friend, Brad.  My dad stepped into the house for a minute, probably to grab something.  Brad was chasing me and I had turned around to see how close behind me he was.  When I turned back around, the grill was about 10 inches from my face.  My arms flew up instinctively, and I crashed into the grill.  Thankfully, I didn't knock it over, but I did burn my arm.  I remember that searing pain so clearly.  I also remember my mom carrying me into the house and laying me on the couch.  That's all I remember about the event.  I asked my mom if I had remembered it correctly, and she said that I had - and that the burn wasn't bad enough to take me to the hospital, but that we did go to the doctor the next day to have it properly bandaged.  

"How many kids do you want and what do you want to name  them?"  -Em
I'm not sure exactly how many kids I want... but definitely at least 3.  I've always wanted a large household.  I'm not totally sure about the names, but I do like the name Jackson.  I also like the name Colton.  For girls I like the name Olivia ("Livie" for short).  Note: This is all subject to change... seeing as 10 years ago I wanted 6 kids and my two favorite names were "Amy" and "Emily" haha.

"Has your new camera changed how you look at things?" -Lindsey
I can answer this question with complete confidence.  Yes!  I feel like I caught a bug or something- everywhere I go, I see things and think to myself "man, those lines are awesome" or "I could really make this look more interesting with my camera".  I see scenes all the time that I would love to capture - which has led to me carrying my camera to pretty much everywhere I go.  The first two photos were taken at my cousin Meghan's house in Chestertown, and the last photo was taken today at a surprise party.  The little boy, Jacob, is so awesome.  He has two mommies and an older brother.  Kim has been babysitting for their family since Jacob was a teeny tiny baby.  I've been so lucky to get to know them through Kim.  Their family is SO cool, and the only same parent family (with kids) that I actually know and have spent time with.


lindsey said...

the colors in the first photo are amazing! wow!

erin said...

i love your photos :)