Friday, November 7, 2008

NoJoMo #6

Technically, I am not a day behind, because I wrote this on my computer yesterday when I had no internet access. Right now, I'm in Chestertown just getting away for a while. It's so nice to be here at Meghan and Ray's little cabin-like house, with Melo always giving me kisses and pushing his nose under my hand, begging for kisses.

Here is my NoJoMo #6 - although it was not posted here yesterday, it was written yesterday. The question came from my cousin Meghan, who asked "If you knew 100% that you would not fail, what is one thing that you would do?"

What a question. There are so many things that I would do if it were guaranteed that I wouldn’t fail. I have been thinking about my answer since last night, and I was stuck between two things. The first is curing all cancers. The second is ending poverty. However, the more I think about my second answer, the more I think that by ending or solving all poverty, it may cause more problems than anything. While it would be fantastic to put an end to so much suffering, and there are a lot more people suffering due to poverty than cancer… I’m just not sure. If any of you disagree, please respond in a comment… I feel like there would be issues if all poverty was gone, but I’m just not exactly sure what those issues might be. I feel like it’s a sociological thing..

So, for now, I am going to say that I would cure all cancers. But, even that answer gives me problems. Is cancer really the biggest problem in this world? If I had the power to do one thing and succeed, would curing cancer really make the biggest difference? I honestly do not know. If I cured cancer and then later on down the road, figured out something that would have been better to do, I would feel guilty until the day I died. It's interesting to think about..

Any thoughts?

I'll post my NoJoMo #7 by tonight, hopefully. It depends on whether or not I stay in Chestertown for another night. Either way, I'll write it later on and it will be posted either tonight or tomorrow.

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