Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day with Vance

While I was in Greensboro, I e-mailed the family that I used to babysit for regularly. I really, really miss those kids. When I started babysitting for them, Macy was only 2 months old, and Vance was only 20 months old. Now, Macy is 2 and Vance is about to turn 4!! It's been so much fun to watch them grow up, and I really do love spending time with them.

Last Thursday, I picked Vance up at 9am and we headed out for a day of fun! His mom told me that he would LOVE the one-on-one attention. Vance is the second youngest of four children, so it's hard to give each child special time where all of the attention is focused on them. First, Vance and I went to the Greensboro Natural Science Center. It's huge!! There is a huge building full of really awesome displays and fun play rooms. Outside, there is a good sized zoo, with a petting area (sheep, goats, pigs, etc.). Plus tigers, monkeys, lemurs, horses, wallabies, turtles, alligators, snakes, porcupines, meerkats, and lots more.

After spending about 3 hours at the Science Center, we had a picnic at Country Park, and watched the squirrels and geese. After lunch, we picked up Sydney and headed to the bark park, which is located in Country Park. Vance loved all of the dogs, and I was super impressed that he wasn't scared around any of them! He did have a slight meltdown because I wouldn't let him run around inside of the Bark Park (I've seen WAYY too many children who start running in there and then dogs start to chase them and jump on them and knock them down) Poor guy - it was like 2pm by then, and I know he was getting pretty tired! So, I took him home and talked with his mom for awhile. I really miss those guys when I'm not in Greensboro :)

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Kim said...

I played with Vance on the playground at school today. He was very smiley. Oh, and the first thing Jake said when I picked him up was "Where's Chips?" It was fun haing you back for a week. Too bad we didn't get to try something new at Jack's. Let's do that next time.
:) Kim