Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Radio Talk

So, one thing I've really missed about Greensboro is The Murphy in the Morning Show on 107.5 KZL. They are absolutely hilarious, and have the funniest conversations/people who call in. This morning, I drove Em to class since she's going to be there all day, so that I could use the car. While Em ran into Starbucks, I decided to see what was going on with Murph and the crew. They were having a conversation about lesbian relationships, and asking people to call in with their thoughts.

Here is the question they were posing. One of the guys on the show was looking at a photo of Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend (or whatever they're calling each other). His question was, why is it that a hot lesbian always dates a girl who looks like a guy, and isn't as hot as her. If you are a lesbian and are dating a girl who looks like a guy, why not just get the real thing?


A lot of callers called in and I was actually surprised by the responses. I totally expected a bunch of gender-issue educated people to call in, but that wasn't the case. The first woman said that she didn't know why hot girls dated "butch" girls, (actually "bulldyke butch" was the term she used), and she stated that she didn't associate with any of those kinds of girls, because that wasn't the image she wanted to portray to anyone. Then, another girl called in and said that she thought that the "ugly lesbians" were the ones who were best in bed and were the best at relationships, because they had to "work harder to make their hot girl happy" (direct quote right there).


FINALLY, a girl called in and said that what really matters to most lesbians is what is on the inside. She disagreed with the other callers and said that she didn't understand why society is so hung up on how lesbians dress or who they choose as partners, or who is the "man in the relationship", etc. Em and I cheered - because honestly, who cares about all that stuff? All that really matters is that both parties are happy, in love, and having a healthy relationship.


Gooch said...

For some reason, this post made me laugh. I think it was the "bulldyke butch" comment.

Lindsey said...

ryn: whenever you want to come by is cool - i will be in center city on friday all day for school, but it's the first week so that means i probably won't be in class the whole time, so if you need a quick breather/need me to bring you some coffee or food or whatever else i will be w/in walking distance. other than that, just let me know when you want to come schedule is very open.

Anonymous said...

i feel like that's just an example of why we have so much divorce in our world. not everyone is really in it for true love. if they were the conversation would not have even come up.