Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I read on Lindsey's blog that today is "Blog Action Day" and the topic is poverty.

I don't have enough time or energy to think out a good post (but you can read Lindsey's awesome post if you click on "The Fine Art of Me" link on my sidebar!)

I will tell a good story though.  

On Monday we had some family come up to Wilmington to visit my mom.  Her parents and brother (my Uncle Donnie) came up and we drove them into Philly so that they could see Mom at the hospital.  When we got there, we were told that she would be going home that day!  Anyways, to give the family some time with Mom, Kelsey and I decided to walk to Starbucks, which was right across from the hospital, about a half a block away.  While we were walking, we passed a homeless man sitting on the street.  He didn't have a sign or anything, just a little canvas bag for people to put money into.  As we passed him, Kelsey gave him a dollar.  When we got into Starbucks, Kelsey came up with a great idea - we could get him a sandwich and a coffee- that way, we would know that he was getting some food and not using that money for anything else.  So, we got him a Turkey, Cheese, and Pesto sandwich and a small cup of coffee.  We took it back to him, and when Kelsey handed it to him, his big brown eyes widened and he thanked us.  As we walked away, we felt so good about what we had done.  

There really is no real solution for the poverty problem... unless it became a top priority, but in some peoples' minds, there will always be more pressing issues than poverty.  (Which is sad.)

Here is a video that I posted over a year ago... it's one of my favorites.  It just shows how one person can do something to change the world, even in a little way.  I wish I had enough money to do this as well.

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