Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate

Things I liked:
  • Joe Biden is extremely well spoken, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his answers and rebuttals.
  • We played "Palin Bingo" with funny things in every space on a bingo board. (examples include "hockey mom" and "umm" and "main street USA" and "maverick" ) and every time Sarah said something on the board, you got to check it off. We had 4 different boards, so everyone got to play! (Suzi won)
  • How Joe mentioned his "hometown" a lot and made lots of shout-outs about Wilmington, Claymont, Union St., etc. :-)
Things I didn't like:
  • Sarah Palin never really answered most of the questions posed to her. She was constantly back-tracking and changing the subject and she rarely just addressed the actual question at hand. It annoyed me. At one point, during Palin Bingo, I had "Pakistan" in one of my boxes, and Palin was directly asked a question about Pakistan, yet she NEVER ONCE actually said the word "Pakistan" !!
  • Palin and her stupid little sayings. Lady, they're not helpin' you, they're making you sound like an idiot who does not belong anywhere NEAR the white house. There is a reason that not just ANYONE can be Vice President of the United States of America.
  • People are already saying that the moment that Biden choked up about his wife and daughter's accident and death was completely contrived. This pisses me off! He did not weep openly at the podium- his voice broke, he teared up for a slight moment, and he paused for 1.5 seconds to let it pass, and then he was fine.
  • At the end of the debate, in her closing statement, Palin took a very obvious dig at Michele Obama by stating, "And I have ALWAYS been proud to be an American!"  (huge emphasis on the ALWAYS).  Well, I love Michele Obama and I will back her til the end.  She is one of my heroes.  


lindsey said...
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lindsey said...

oh well dontcha know, darn it, joe sixpack down on main street, wants change darn it and a mccain palin ticket dontcha know will lower taxes and you, may i call you joe, dontcha know, and iran and bin laden must be stopped because joe sixpack wants lower taxes...
i wanted to scream at her to answer a freaking question. i must say she's mastered politician's ability to deflect answering a question - though i'm not sure how that's a change from normal washington rhetoric that supposedly she and mccain want to bring. could she talk into any more circles? GRR, i can't stand that woman!

(i deleted my first comment bc the formatting was all wonky)

forsecondlife said...

i thought you might like this. it explains everything about palins debate skills!